Interested in renting a studio at Orr Street Studios?

We have a lot to offer!
Here are some reasons for you to consider:


Creating art can be a solitary pursuit and many artists are natural introverts. All artists know how hard it can be to sustain creative energy in the face of the demands of the everyday world. Protecting and nurturing your creative life is an essential part of being an artist.

Because of this, artists have always sought out other artists for encouragement, intellectual stimulation, and camaraderie. Working in a creative environment with other artists can do a lot to boost your work ethic, too.

The atmosphere at Orr Street Studios is one of mutual respect, acceptance, and encouragement. Our Artists work in a wide variety of genres and media. They respect each other’s need for privacy and quiet and, when ready, welcome friendly socializing and interchange.

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A Place to Create, Display, and Sell Your Artwork

A dedicated space where your art supplies are set up and ready to use allows you to come and go with a minimum of interruption as well as helps to preserve continuity in your work flow. In addition to being a workspace, your studio offers display space inside as well as exterior display space outside so that people can see your work even when you aren’t in your studio. Also, as a resident artist you are able to participate in the Annual Orr Street Artists Exhibit during November/ December which is a great opportunity to sell work during the holiday season.


Professional Representation

Having a studio in a building with other serious artists raises the public perception of you as an artist. All artists at some point in their career have worked out of their homes, a spare room, or in a garage, basement or attic. A studio at Orr Street can help you connect with potential buyers and collectors while giving them the assurance of your professional commitment. Functioning as your own agent and salesperson helps to establish personal connections with your clients that can be absent when they buy from a gallery. Developing relationships with buyers also helps to establish long-term sale opportunities.

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In addition to affording you opportunities for direct interaction to buyers, collectors or enthusiastic supporters, Orr Street Studios works hard to promote our space, our artists and our activities. We are members of the North Village Arts District, which promotes all of the arts venues in the North Village neighborhood. First Fridays alone sees hundreds of people coming to socialize, enjoy art, and be able to talk with artists and see their work.

Through advertising, social media and our website, we keep people interested in attending our program events, exhibits, opening receptions and other general activities. As an Orr Street Studios artist, you will have space on our website for your artwork, contact information, artist statements, bios, CVs, and other professional activities, as well as links to your personal website and social media sites.

In addition to having open hours, Orr Street Studios also hosts private events, bringing people of all interests into the building to enjoy art. People appreciate the informal, friendly, front porch atmosphere where they can socialize in a welcoming place dedicated to culture. By building the perception in the community that Orr Street Studios is an important gathering place for the arts, we bring people to your studio door!

For inquiries contact:

Ivy Case, Studio Manager  

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