Sponsors, Contributors,
& Friends

Orr Street Studios owes its success to all of the volunteers, sponsors, contributors and friends who over the years have given their time, hard work, and financial support to help make sure that Orr Street Studios is a success.


Timberlake Engineering

In addition to physically building Orr Street Studios, Mark Timberlake of Timberlake Engineering has worked hard to help us grow as an organization over the years. Without his vision, confidence, expertise, and enthusiasm, we would simply not exist. Orr Street Studios was an idea that he made into a reality and as a result he has helped to transform a disused part of downtown Columbia into a neighborhood arts district.


Thank you to OCA for your generous support and sponsorship.


We’re proud to be a part of the North Village Arts District.


Orr Street Artist Guild Board of Directors:

Chris Teeter: President

Tootie Burns: Treasurer

Anne Jacobson: Secretary

Jane Mudd

Mike Sleadd

Ken Greene

Barbara Hoppe

Ivy Case: Studio Manager

Jenn Wiggs: Events Manager

Friends & Family