Anastasia Pottinger

Portraiture and Commercial Photography

Studio: 1S

Hours: by appointment only. 

Email: staciephoto@gmail.com

Website: www.roguestudios.photo

Phone/Text: 573-819-7270

Address: 106 Orr Street, Columbia,MO 65203

If you have a need for photography or have an interesting idea you'd like to see implemented, please contact me.  I am also able to do photo restoration and archiving of old photos.

Anastasia ("Stacie") Pottinger operates her fine art and commercial photography business, Rogue Studios, out of her little white box studio inside Orr St. Studios.  Orr has been her home base since February 2009.  December 2018, her first black and white photography book titled 100; What Time Creates was published by Marcinson Press.  She spends lots of time now traveling to promote the book and photographing clients in southern California, Chicago, Houston and Kansas City.  When you can catch her at Orr, she is likely photographing someone in her favorite hallway with the magical concrete flooring background.  Stacie likes to step away from traditional stiff portraiture and have some fun with her clients.  Are you ready to 'go Rogue'? Check her website for more information.