Nika Gordham


Studio 1N

Hours: By appointment


Business address: 106 Orr St, Studio 1N, Columbia, MO 65201


Available for commissions.

Artists Statement:

“I find it really interesting to talk to quilters at all different stages of their quilting journey and Nika is no exception. She just got started quilting in the summer of 2017 and within just a few months she began designing her own quilts and patterns. For some quilters, this just isn't the fun part, but clearly for Nika, designing and combining colors and creating a unique story with a quilt is exactly what she loves about the craft...It's very clear that she has an intuitive sense of design, color, and shape. This is something you can build with time, practice, and effort, but it can also be a built-in sense.” ~ Leah Day

Award winning quilter, author, and the creator of the Free Motion Quilting Project