Lea Lichty 2.jpg

Lea Lichty

Photography, Pastel, Encaustic, Mixed Media

Studio: 4S

Hours: 7-noon Wednesday-Monday.

Email: elea1255@gmail.com

Address: 106 Orr Street, Columbia, MO 65201

Phone: 573-355-1427

I accept commissions (with limitations). Please contact me if you’re interested.

Aritsts Statement:

I have been an artist all my life. My mother and all her sisters were artists, I grew up believing all women were artists. 

Art is a way of life. Being a creative is my way of life from cooking to painting. I would call myself an “Art Explorer”.  I love trying new ways to express the core emotions within my being.

My favorite times are when the muse has taken over and I just know what the next move is without question. I find the finished work is truly better when this happens.

I have a Bachelor’s in General Studies in Digital Art from the University of Missouri. I graduated in 1995 with this degree. I went on to work for the Advanced Graphics Lab at the University of Texas in Austin. I also continued my studies in digital painting while working for the University of Texas. I took Digital Painting Problems from the RTF department every semester while I worked at the University of Texas. I had a two person show after five years at the Texas Union. I attended college level classes in painting, drawing, animation, design, color theory, and aesthetics for a total of more than sixty plus studio hours.

Some of my works include: Creating an animation for the Public Broadcast System, two book covers, numerous PowerPoint lectures with my graphics, as well as brochures and other marketing materials while working as an IT professional at the University of Texas and University of Missouri.

Currently I am focused on pastel, encaustic, and alcohol ink paintings with and without mixed media. I have just learned how to create photo encaustics. Encaustic is hot wax with and without pigment color. It is a challenge and a delight.

In August of 2016 I rented a studio from Orr Street. The adventure began. I was no longer limited to photography. I once more can paint and explore. 

Now that I am retired I spend every day exploring in my studio. I also do volunteer work at the Art House in Fulton, Missouri and Mid-Missouri Arts Alliance in Ashland, Missouri. I know my mother is looking down from heaven and smiling as this is exactly what she wanted to see; “Her daughter creating beautiful works of art.”