Frank Stack

Painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic arts.

Studio 8N

Media: Oil, watercolor, pen & ink, etching, lithography




Born in Houston Texas, Frank Stack received his B.F.A. from the University of Texas and his master's degree from the University of Wyoming.  After finishing his post-graduate studies in Chicago, New York, and Paris, he began a distinguished forty-year career as a Professor of Art at the University of Missouri. During that time he developed an international reputation as a painter, print maker and comic artist. He has published two monographs on his work, and his art has been featured in American Artist, The Artist's Magazine and The Village Voice. As a graphic novelist, he has collaborated with the well-known writer Harvey Pekar on American Splendor comics, and on the critically acclaimed graphic novel Our Cancer Year (winner of the 1995 Harvey award for Best Graphic Album of Original Work). Stack's drawings from this book were  featured in the 2003 academy-award nominated film, American Splendor.  He has exhibited his artwork in New York, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Paris, Turkey, Korea and China.  In 2003 he retired from the University to devote himself entirely to making art.

Although Stack's work is informed by his extensive study of art history, his paintings, drawings and prints draw their primary inspiration from his close observation of the natural world. He has always been fascinated by the problem of representing color, movement and transient effects of light and atmosphere. As an artist, he draws constantly, and carries a sketchbook wherever he goes. His etchings and lithographs are usually sketched from life directly onto the plate or stone, and as a painter, he almost always works directly from the model or the plein-air landscape.